Hope Has Withered Grim

The barren tree outside my window (photo: Craig Sabin)
A stranger and an exile
     in a land I once called home.
The world is waning stranger
     as I peer into the gloam.
My bleary eyes breathe teary cries,
     as all the days wax dim.
My tender nerves have no reserves
     my hope has withered grim.
The leaden sky heaves out a sigh,
      the dismal days drag slowly by,
      with apathetic pace.
 Dejection schemes with dull despair 
      to shatter hope beyond repair, 
      and all my joys erase.
 In sympathy, the barren tree
      outside my window looks at me
      with pity in its face,
 But I look past it unaware,
      Indifferent to its baleful stare - 
      Despondency's embrace.
Yet somewhere deep inside, I know,
That underneath the Winter snows,
The roots of hope lie in repose,
Internal and undying.
And even though they may not show,
Their presence shows that Someone chose
To clothe me with His wedding clothes,
His righteousness providing.
Although they're hidden down below,
With withered blooms all shriveled, froze,
In Spring they'll blossom like the rose,
And when their verdant budding shows,
New life, again, will death depose,
Eternal and abiding.

Like many, I’ve been going through a winter of the soul lately. I can blame a number of factors, not the least of which are my medical condition, a growing sense of isolation, the uncertainty of the pandemic, and the general state of the world, but in the end it all serves to lay bare the utter bankruptcy of everything except for Jesus Christ and His everlasting kingdom.

It has likewise exposed my need to once again repent of my apathy and coldness of heart, pick up my sword to fight the good fight of faith, and preach to my own soul the love of God in the face Jesus Christ –

Who loved me at first while I yet despised Him,
Who loved me to death, yet I still reviled Him,
Who poured His grace on a sinner like me
by dying my death upon Calvary’s tree,
and rising again to set me free –

Free from sin,
Free from death,
Free from despondency.
Free to love,
Free to serve,
Free to live for eternity.

Praise the Lord that He does not change, His promises are everlasting, and His covenant of love with all who call upon His name in faith is sealed with His righteous blood, and “He who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.” (Philippians 1:6)

So, dear soul, take heart and gaze once more upon He who was pierced for your transgressions, and know what true love looks like – endless love – love that will outlast not just this winter, not just this global pandemic, but a love that will outlast the mountains and even the very stars in the heavens above.

© Craig Sabin 2021 All rights reserved

13 thoughts on “Hope Has Withered Grim

  1. Hi, Craig. Actually, I LOVE snow and cloudy and cool-cold days. But your poetry is amazing!! Be sure to notify me if you every do a book!
    yours and His,

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    1. Yes, then you would like the weather here, LOL, but too much of anything… Thank you again for your kind encouragement! I have learned to refrain from making too many plans, since I seem to be able to think down 14 different roads in the space of taking a single step down the road I’m on. Now my strength is only sufficient to take the days one at a time, but should I ever find myself doing a book, I will be sure to let you know! God bless!

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  2. Craig, this touched my heart today! I’m not good with bleak winter days (thank God today the sun is shining – last week icy rain ruled here!) But with Jesus as our hope, we can endure (with extra doses of His grace, peace, mercy, and lots of LOVE!) Virtual hugs to you! VA

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    1. Amen, thank you, Virginia! Praise the Lord that He is full of grace and truth and is the hope of all who call upon His name in faith. God bless!

      Romans 15:13  “Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that you will abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.”


  3. Craig, welcome back! Jesus is our hope, redeemer, and our source of endless, unconditional love. It is a blessing to know that He is with us always, to the very end of the age. Prayers and blessings! 🌺🦋

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  4. Craig, I felt both your deep pain and your hopeful worship in this post. You wield a big sword my friend. While the world, our circumstances and our bodies are grinding the gears into small worthless flakes, our only hope is our savior.

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    1. Hi Gary, thank you for your words of encouragement. Jesus truly is our only hope and the only hope there is, and the good news is that He is all the hope we could ever want or need. I can’t imagine facing life without Him, and yet that is the sad state for so many who look elsewhere and put their hope in things that can only let them down in the end… May the Lord be lifted up, that He may draw all men unto Himself. God bless!

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