Though I Am Small (free ebook PDF)

Cover Image, © Craig Sabin 2022 All rights reserved

At the end of 2020, I pulled together some of my favorite poetry from this blog, combined it with some of my backyard window photography, and made a small book for some in my family who had expressed interest. I entitled it, “Though I Am Small,” a title which seemed to capture the overall thrust of the contents, both the poetry and the photography.

Since then, others have expressed interest in such a book of poetry from this website. Well, I finally took the time to clean up a PDF of the book I made for my family. Without ado, I have included it below as a free PDF download for those who have an interest. Please feel free to share. I reserve my copyrights only to object to plagiarism and to retain the right to self publish at a later date. At some point, Lord willing, I may try to self-publish through Amazon or someplace similar so that those who are interested in a hard copy would have a means of obtaining one “at cost.”

Note that this collection doesn’t contain any of my more recent work. I have been limited to publish at a slower pace during the past year and have also taken to being more choosy about the quality of what I publish. At some point, when I have created enough content, perhaps I will create a similar follow-on collection.

It’s my humble prayer that this collection of poems will find its way to the right audience, that it may prove to be a blessing and an encouragement to others, and that it would somehow glorify my wonderful Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, without whom it would not have been possible.

31 thoughts on “Though I Am Small (free ebook PDF)

  1. Hi Craig, I hadn’t visited your blog posts in a while, but I am sure glad I did. This is so beautiful !! Thank you for sharing this with us all. God Bless you

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  2. “A simple poet” — Thank you for sharing your gift(s) with us, brother, through this “short, uncertain pilgrimage ( as MLJ would say in ending his prayers)

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    1. It’s my pleasure and desire to bless others if I can do so in some small way. May the Lord use it for His good purposes. Thanks for stopping by!


  3. Craig, thank you! I love the photos! I haven’t had a chance yet to read the poetry, but I am looking forward to enjoying your verses! What a lovely gift! 😊🌷🌺

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  4. Haven’t finished reading but have to say I WANT THIS BOOK. Brother, you are gifted with such melodic rhythm, like a fine musician.
    Thank you Craig, this is so enjoyable!

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