Mighty Gatekeeper

Chippy inspects our back yard gate (photo: Craig Sabin)

Meet my mighty gate keeper,
the keeper of my gate.
Don’t you dare think him diminutive
or underestimate
His legendary exploits,
and grand repute belies
the apparent contradiction
to his unimpressive size.

Don’t think that he’s a pushover
because he’s rather small,
That’s just what all the others thought
that led them to their fall.
So now you have my warning
and are left without defence.
If you should try to breech my gate
his wrath he will dispense!

I’ve a soft spot for these little guys and have seen too many of them fall easy prey to neighborhood cats, so I like to imagine them as mighty creatures in disguise, and fell foes of those who suppose them otherwise.

Of course, there was once a time when meekness concealed true might, and that was when Jesus Christ, the Almighty God, came as a babe, lived as a child, and suffered and died as a truly righteous man (the only one ever) at the hands of sinful men, in order to pay sin’s penalty for everyone who will come to Him in faith and receive Him as Lord.

Jesus spoke about gates – a narrow gate and a wide gate, each the beginning of a different “way.” He said that all people are going through one or the other of these gates and travelling one or the other of these ways.

He stands as the gatekeeper of the narrow gate, and none may pass through without His admittance, but His loving grace will open readily for the very vilest and the worst of the wretched who will simply trust in Him alone for their righteousness. He opened to me.

Which is your gate and which way are you on? If you are reading this, it’s not too late to repent.

“Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is broad that leads to destruction, and there are many who enter through it. For the gate is small and the way is narrow that leads to life, and there are few who find it.”

Christ Jesus, quoted in Matthew, Chapter 7, verses 13-14

© Craig Sabin 2020 All rights reserved

16 thoughts on “Mighty Gatekeeper

    1. Amen, Susan. Praise the Lord for His grace and for His power which turned me away from sin and death to find life and peace in Him. Thank you for your encouraging comment. God bless!

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    1. Hi Gary,
      Thanks so much for asking. I’m on the back end of a couple months of overtime, and between that and the toll that my medical condition takes on me I haven’t had the time or energy to write anything, which I regret. I think it has also taken a bit of a cumulative toll on me, because although I have the overtime mostly behind me, I’m still not feeling very swell. I am beginning to write again and hope to publish something soon, however. It means a lot that you would ask. I hope you are doing well yourself!
      God bless,

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      1. Yep, doin well here Craig, catching a lot of fish through the ice, taking some guys and my grandkids fishing and doing a lot of extra tie as a caregiver with our handicapped daughter. Lots of issues but she is a trooper and loves the Lord dearly.
        Take care of yourself ahead of internet stuff although when the Lord gives you something to say it’s a special word for all of us who see your thoughts. He has given you a poetic gifted mind. I got the go pro going to film some under the ice fishing in the cold weather…that’s fun and challenging

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        1. Wow Gary, you are busy, and it’s easy to see the Lord using you to bless and help others. Thanks for your encouragement, and I look forward to your underwater footage, that does sound challenging. God bless,

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            1. That’s great footage! I’m glad you mentioned it because it escaped me that you had a second blog.

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  1. Thanks for the good message, Craig! I would note that there’s a popular myth that permeates the culture, that of apostle Peter as gatekeeper of the entrance to Heaven, which of course has its basis in Roman Catholicism’s notion of Petrine primacy and its claim to apostolic succession.

    BTW, because there are many oak trees on our property, we have many chipmunks and squirrels scampering around that get fat on the acorns. But the little guys occasionally fall victim to a neighborhood cat or a hungry fox.

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    1. Hi Tom, thanks for your comments! It totally slipped my mind about Peter being heaven’s gate keeper according to Catholic culture. The keys to the kingdom, right? Which is a complete misinterpretation of that verse. In truth, Heaven needs no gate keeper because nothing unholy can enter the Lord’s presence and live. O, that people’s eyes would be open to the truth of the gospel, that they would turn and live.

      I went to RIT and have relatives that live in the Rochester area. There is much beauty, especially in Spring and Summer, but the Winters are harsh and long. But O, the joy and glory when the Winter breaks and Spring lifts her head. A pale foreshadow of the joy we will know when we pass into the Lord’s presence and leave behind this world of woe. God bless!

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      1. Thanks, Craig! Yup, the notion of Peter as Heaven’s gatekeeper (and hence the RCC as gatekeeper) is so un-Biblical.
        RE: RIT
        I graduated from RIT in 2000 after taking evening courses there for many years. It helped me stay employed at Kodak until last year. I follow the Tigers’ hockey team every season (home games are televised) and I see they’re going to start up a C-19-shortened season next weekend. Go Tigers!
        Three of my five sisters now live in Naples, FL and would never return to the snowbelt. I still enjoy the change in seasons and, yup, the challenging Winters do make for a joyous Spring.

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