About Me

Hello and welcome! I’m glad you stopped by. It’s my hope that on these meager pages you will find something that benefits, amuses, encourages, or blesses you. This blog has evolved into an outlet for my simple poetry and creative writing, in which you will see, reflected and refracted, broken bits and pieces of my life. Most of the photography is my own, shot out the back window of our home, in the brief glimpses that I am out of bed and spy something worthwhile.

Since 2011 I have been physically disabled, beyond the hope and even understanding of doctors, relegated to “pain management,” confined to my home (except for the ordeal of periodic, necessary medical appointments), lying in a bed for ~22 hours a day, suffering intractable pain.

By God’s grace I continue to work as an engineer for my company, remotely, using speech recognition software and a trackball mouse to operate a computer. In my spare time, as I am able, I write creatively to the glory of the God that I still desire to serve with my remaining, limited capacities.

Who am I? A nobody to most. But to some: husband, father, beloved, lover, stubborn sinner, baptized believer, unworthy worshiper, engineer, writer, sufferer, hopeless yet I hope.

Although I am many things to many people, the truth is that I am broken and messed up and ugly deep down in my heart. But the greater truth is that I have turned to Jesus Christ in humility and faith, and he has taken my broken and ugly bits and pieces and is remaking them into a unique kaleidoscope capable of reflecting his glory and his beauty.

To appreciate a kaleidoscope you must hold it to the light and gaze into it, allowing the broken bits to reveal their unique and changing pattern of beauty. Here is mine. Please handle with kindness.

Feel free to explore. If you want suggestions, here are a few of my favorites:

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Image credit: Toy kaleidoscope on white background by Marco Verch via Flickr, cropped, licensed via CC BY 2.0