As Darkness Falls

Dusk over the Pacific Ocean near Monterey (photo: Craig Sabin 2007)
As darkness falls across the land, 
     Lord give me grace and faith to stand,
And persevere against all odds
     and never worship other gods,
Nor taste their wares nor fear their sting;
     Lord may I not fear anything –
Save you who hold the keys of hell,
     and long for me with you to dwell.
And who, for love, lay down your life
     and suffered brutal pain and strife.
And rose victorious from the grave,
     my own unworthy soul to save.
Now things are not as they appear –
     the end of time is drawing near,
And hatred wields his deadly power,
     and seeks all those he may devour.
O Lord of Hosts, with me abide,
     and keep me safely at your side,
Until the Day your Son appears
     and wipes away all of my tears.
O keep my heart within me pure,
     and grant your power to endure,
And stand before the Son of Man,
     as darkness falls across the land.

I published this post originally a year ago, in September 2019, and its relevance seems to have been magnified a great deal by the events of the past year. This poem was originally written in 2012, after the first year of my injury & disability, when I was still holding hopes of healing, but was expecting sore trial, hearing the dogs of despair in the distance, and kenning they would soon be at my door.

Now it seems that darkness is falling indeed, across the entire landscape of humanity, and those horrible hounds are heard throughout the whole world. Praise the Lord that as things appear to change and fall apart, HE DOES NOT CHANGE.

“For I, the LORD, do not change; therefore you, O sons of Jacob, are not consumed.

Malachi 3:6

© Craig Sabin 2020 All rights reserved

15 thoughts on “As Darkness Falls

    1. Thank you Ann. The Lord, in His loving sovereignty, knows exactly what His children need, and sees fit that we each receive it because He is a good Father. It often seems to me unpleasant, bordering on horrible, but He truly knows best and I figure it is no marvel if after half a lifetime of sin and corruption extreme measures are needed for loving discipline to refine and render one like me meet for the Master’s use. My western education conditioned me to believe that all learning was intellectual and that maturity meant independence, but I am discovering that in the Lord’s economy maturity means greater and greater dependence, and learning involves equal parts discipline and information. Anyway, it sounds like the Lord has taken you through some stuff as well. Praise the Lord for His great grace that was not content to leave us in our sin. God bless!

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      1. “in the Lord’s economy maturity means greater and greater dependence.” How true! And how counterintuitive to the American culture.
        One of the prayers I pray daily begins with “Lord, I am weak, helpless, and utterly dependent on You – and You are utterly dependable.” It puts me in the right frame of mind – confident, but not in myself. 😉

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    1. Thank you Bill! I’m glad it speaks to you. Praise the Lord for His faithfulness and that He is “able to keep us from stumbling and to make us stand in the presence of His glory, blameless, with great joy!”

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind comment. I’m not sure about the like thing, it is normally present but WordPress sometimes leaves me scratching my head, LOL. May the Lord’s blessing be upon you as well!

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    1. Thank you Richard, for your kind comment. Yes, the times do seem like they are growing darker, but praise the Lord that He is Sovereign and He is our Shepherd!


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