Dr. Grackle and Mr. Hyde

The hideous transformation of a grackle (photo: Craig Sabin)
Dr. Grackle and Mr. Hyde,
Hideousness personified.
You looked so normal as I gazed,
A second later, sore amazed!
In the place where you just perched
A monstrous creature squawked and lurched -
Twice the size with blank white eyes!
Emitting awful croaking cries!
Is this really just a bird?
I know that this may sound absurd,
But maybe once upon a time,
In long forgotten history,
A bird with beauty so sublime
Was guilty of an awful crime,
And through some righteous mystery
Received the sentence of a curse
Of ugliness, that waxes worse,
And drives the other birds away -
A curse that haunts him yet today.

A bit of fanciful thinking on my part. I have seen these birds around my yard for years and had no idea they do this until I saw it for myself up close and caught it with my camera. I must confess that it has cemented my negative impressions of this species. Only by grace can I concede that they are simply being themselves. Which brings me to my next brief thought – this abhorrent transformation illustrates a Christian spiritual truth.

When the Lord Jesus saves a man, and breathes new life into his dead soul, he becomes a new creature with a new nature, created in righteousness by the Holy Spirit, and he embarks on a journey that the Bible calls “sanctification.”

On this journey the Lord uses His Word (the Bible), His indwelling Spirit, and the trials of life to grow and mature the Christian; and the Christian, for his part, keeps his eyes on Christ and wages warfare against his old sinful nature (sometimes referred to by the Bible as “the flesh”), which from time to time may rear its head, like the sudden change displayed by the grackle.

The Bible commands believers that we must “lay aside our old self,” and warns that if you are “living according to the flesh, you must die; but if by the Spirit you are putting to death the deeds of the body, you will live.”

So, if you see a grackle exhibit this gruesome transformation, let it be a reminder of what you once were, how the Lord was merciful in giving you new life, and let it spur you to continue putting to death the deeds of your old nature, by the Spirit, and pursuing righteousness and holiness.

God bless, and thanks for reading.


Post script – here are some other choice grackle photos for your enjoyment.

© Craig Sabin 2020 All rights reserved

4 thoughts on “Dr. Grackle and Mr. Hyde

    1. LOL, but if ever there were a good candidate word for describing something disturbing and unexpected, “grackle” would be it! Maybe we could promote “grackly” as a new adjective with that definition, ha ha.

      Liked by 1 person

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