Not What You Wanted

Cardinal eyes a juicy morsel (photo: Craig Sabin)
What you see's not what you get,
You gave your money on a bet,
It looked fantastic on display,
A silver coin, small price to pay.
A superball! A jeweled ring!
A new keychain is just the thing!
A baseball card! A cool new toy!
Will surely bring unending joy!
And now your money's left your hand,
Imagining a prize so grand,
Turn the crank, it's now in view!
Surely I must misconstrue?
It's just another fake tattoo…

Old timers like me will well remember the banks of gumball and toy machines, stationed at the entrances and exits of stores, with their colorful displays right at the eye-level of a child, promising untold enjoyment and satisfaction for the mere price of your weekly allowance. It didn’t take long to learn that these were long on promise and short on delivery. Many a child’s first lesson with the dirty side of marketing and advertising.

This photograph of the cardinal staring into the clear enclosure of the feeder brought back these memories, as I imagined his little bird brain spying a juicy morsel, but being unable to locate it at the lower exit.

Even the best among us occasionally disappoint others out of our weakness and human frailty. In my 56 years of living there is only One who has been unflinchingly true, reliable, and trustworthy in every way possible – Jesus Christ. He is the God who cannot lie, and every promise in his word that I have tested has been proven true.

© Craig Sabin 2020 All rights reserved

7 thoughts on “Not What You Wanted

    1. I’m so glad to have brought a smile to your face. I also need such diversions from my hard realities (I’m sure we all do), and I think that’s why I enjoy writing things that are short, light, and uplifting. God bless!

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