Bird With Fur

American Red Squirrel Bird (photo: Craig Sabin)
Who ever heard of a bird with fur?
Yet suddenly that's what I see!
I don't recognize any bird in this size,
My eyes must be playing with me.
Then on my chin there soon grows a grin,
And a smile as wide as a mile.
I finally see what this happens to be,
A red squirrel eating in style!

This pint-sized American Red Squirrel has mad skills. He goes where no squirrel has gone before – our squirrel-proof bird feeder. Many the gray tree squirrel (his larger cousins) has tried in vain to attempt this feat, only to crash to the ground below (albeit not without dumping a fair amount of seed on the ground in the process).

Then along comes “Red” who sized up the situation, climbed our patio rafters, and executed a graceful leap straight onto the polished curved lid of the feeder, precariously balancing for a part of a second before sliding head first over the edge, grabbing the perch on his way past, like an accomplished trapeze artist, and then swinging gracefully around and climbing into the feeder from the bottom.

We are so impressed that we are giving him a free pass at the all-you-can-eat buffet (besides, he’s just so darn cute). Not to mention how hilarious it has been to watch the birds come flying in and stop up short, unsure what to make of this earth-bound creature who has the audacity to occupy their feeder.

© Craig Sabin 2020 All rights reserved

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