Diversity’s Beauty

Diversity at the bird feeder (photo: Craig Sabin)
Cardinal, titmouse,
     and black-capped chickadee
Dining together in harmony.
Diversity's beauty,
     a splendid display,
Nature's example
     for people today.

“Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together in unity!”

Psalms 133:1

These trying times call for a special emphasis on unity, cooperation, and helping others in need, whether the need is physical, medical, or simply hope and encouragement. May God bless you and encourage you with the hope of the gospel of Jesus Christ!

© Craig Sabin 2020 All rights reserved

7 thoughts on “Diversity’s Beauty

    1. Thanks Gary! I’m doing fine, all things considered. My wife Sue is looking after keeping us safe and provided for, and I’m continuing to work full time remotely since my job is deemed essential. My only challenge is that my periodic pain treatments (steroid injections) have been deemed “elective” and canceled until further notice. In a few weeks I will go “past due” and TBD what that is going to mean, but it likely won’t be pretty and I may find myself unable to work because of the pain. I have told the Lord about it and I’m putting all my trust in him on this one. I am confident in his provision, but eager to know what form it will take.

      How are things with you?

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      1. I’ll be praying on this end for you. Sounds terribly rough.
        I am very well.
        I am working 4 ten hour days managing assembly at our company deemed essential as well.
        We live in the woods 1/2 mile from the nearest road so not much change for us except no church meetings.
        Ya, all we can do is trust our good father rather than circumstances. Easy to say.

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        1. Thanks Gary! Strange times are always good times to trust the Lord and look to Him alone, by His grace and through His Spirit. God bless!

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