Shining in the Rain

Wonderful, uplifting encouragement for all who belong to Christ! God bless!


This week, like the rest of America, I went to the grocery store. Though it was a Thursday morning, it felt more like black Friday. The shelves looked like a plague of locusts had blown through leaving behind a bunch of messy random groceries in their wake. Although the stores with empty shelves and long lines made me feel uneasy, what troubled me the most was the spirit of fear I sensed in all of the other shoppers. Everyone was on edge, nervous and hurried. Several older people at the store had a look of raw fear in their eyes.

What was missing was far more than groceries or toilet paper on shelves. It was peace. It was joy. A virus has robbed us of our peace.

I can understand the great fear of the unknown and all of the “what ifs” from the perspective of people outside of Christ…

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2 thoughts on “Shining in the Rain

  1. Thanks, Craig, for posting this.
    As I read the author’s description of the empty shelves looking like locusts had been there, I was reminded of the plague of locusts now creating havoc in Africa and Asia.
    Let us continue to shine brightly.
    We stand on Christ, the solid rock. Let us continue to pray for our hurting world.

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